The Fussy Librarian: an interview

I was delighted to be invited to speak to The Fussy Librarian this week about writing (and my messy desk). You can read it here.

It was particularly lovely thinking about the research that went into ‘Loving Le Corbusier‘, especially as I am planning to visit more Le Corbusier buildings later this year, including another trip to the beautiful village of Vézelay, where Le Corbusier’s wife spent a tense time during WW2. So here are a few pictures to whet the appetite, including one of Yvonne, my inspiration.



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  1. How fun! Learned more about you and your life in that interview than after reading your blog these past few years. 😉 BTW, what brings you to Vezelay?

    • Yes, it’s true that I’m, er, such a shrinking violet… I spent time in Vezelay when I was researching Yvonne Le Corbusier’s life – they had friends living there, and Yvonne was holed up there during WW2. I slept in the bedroom she’d had, which was pretty wonderful. Decided it’s time to introduce my partner to the place (any excuse…).

  2. Always curious about “the women behind great men” I had to google Yvonne. Sidebar – Pre-google, I often think what worlds would have opened up to us as schoolchildren, limited as we were by Encyclopedia Brittanica. LOL to discover she put a tea cosy over the bidet he installed by their bed. In the small world department my late grandmother met him in India and ever the feminist found his views on women, in her words, repellent.

    • Your grandmother sounds wonderful. It’s interesting to hear that because often one dismisses the unsympathetic and extreme views of the past as being ‘of the time’ whereas they were often as abhorrent then as now. And that bidet remains an affront – when I visited their apartment in Paris and saw it there, jutting out into the bedroom, I almost reached for a tea cosy myself… Glad I was able to introduce you to Yvonne. At the risk of overkill, you may enjoy reading my novel about her…

  3. What a great interview – such interesting questions.
    And still I learn new things about you, Old Friend …
    And, btw, your writing is NOT quiet.

  4. Great interview. I really enjoyed it!

  5. I so enjoyed ‘Loving Le Corbusier’ and I look forward to the next book, Colin. And – of course – if you hadn’t cared about the cost of a cup of coffee, the book would not have had the same depth and resonance. I was totally immersed in it

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